Heartwood Signature Massage

Enjoy a massage customized to your needs by our Certified Spa Practitioner/RMT-candidate.
Whether you are looking for a full body massage experience, or a more tailored massage that focuses solely on problematic areas, you will leave relaxed and peaceful. Organic essential oil blends are used for the perfect relaxing experience.

Choose from:
– Classic Swedish Full Body Massage
This classic form of massage promotes good health by loosening muscles and invigorating your tissues as well as evoking feelings of tranquility and well-being. A good introduction to spa treatments.

– Classic Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulders
This session will allow time to focus on the areas that trouble you most. This relaxation massage will reduce muscular tension and induce a deep sense of wellness.

– Deep Tissue Massage
This full body deep tissue massage will provide the pressure and techniques needed to reach those deeper and harder to reach areas. Deep manual techniques will target areas of increased muscular stress and tension.

– Hawaiian Coconut Lomi Lomi Massage
The master healers of Hawaii practice Lomi Lomi “Loving Hands” massage. This treatment is a gentle light pressure massage that mimics the movement of waves, soothing muscles with continuous flowing strokes, while nurturing the body and relaxing the entire being. Features organic and natural Coconut Massage Oil- Aloha!

** Our Certified Spa Practitioner is a graduate of the Registered Massage Therapy program at VCMT and is currently awaiting RMT certification. She offers 10 years of experience from one of Canada’s top 50 spa’s * A Gem *