What To Expect On Your First Visit:


The first visit is approximately 1.5 hours and starts with your health history and a list of your short and long-term health goals.  Your present condition is assessed, a diagnosis is given and a treatment plan is developed to most effectively resolve your concerns.  The session is completed with an acupuncture treatment and any other appropriate Integrative Medicine therapies.

  • One of the first things an acupuncturist will do is look at your tongue and take your wrist pulses.  This gives acupuncturist insight into the health of your tissue, viscera and organs.  It is used as an insightful diagnosis tool in Oriental Medicine.
  • You will be asked to lie down on the massage table either facing up or down under the covers.   The acupuncturist will palpate areas of pain and ask specific questions about the quality and location of the pain (if it applies). Needles will be used in the necessary areas. If any other therapy is needed it will be applied now and then you will be allowed to relax to peaceful music and the warmth of a heat lamp.  Most often the acupuncturist will check-in with you to ensure you are comfortable and to see if anything needs adjusting.
  • When the treatment is over, the acupuncturist will remove the needles and let you get up from the table slowly. Immediately after a treatment it is common to feel a combination of lightheaded, dreamy, sleepy or energized. It is recommended that you drink a little water before you leave and take your time. After your appointment, it is okay to go about your normal routine, but avoid anything that is overly strenuous. If you have had cupping, make sure your cupping marks are not exposed to the elements, such as wind, and do not shower for a few hours afterwards.



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